Did you know the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans originally included sustainability recommendations?

(It’s true! You can view the scientific advisory report here.)

Though these didn’t make the final publication, we are sure to start hearing about this topic more! In many countries, such as Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Germany and others, nutrition recommendations include a sustainability component, and in the U.S. we could benefit from doing the same. 

Sustainable food diets promote vibrant human health, use resources efficiently, reduce food waste and provide resilient food systems. It can look different depending on location, food preferences and cultural norms. 

Though it is highly individualized, sustainable eating styles have common themes: focus on plants, eat a variety of foods to support biodiversity and support local agriculture. 

Instead of sorting through the data yourself, I provided an easy guide for you follow!

This sustainable grocery guide is perfect for:

  • Individuals seeking more environmentally friendly choices

  • Other dietitians, health coaches and other professionals to guide their clients

  • Chefs, restaurant managers and food service directors creating eco-friendly menus

  • Nutrition and farm-to-school educators seeking new materials and resources