About Kasey

What I Do

I develop eating styles and principles that promote vibrant human health and sustainable food systems.

I assist brands with content marketing and consumer education.

I offer clarity among the confusing and conflicting  messages regarding human and environmental health.

Who I am + Food Philosophy

I am a registered dietitian, a writer, an educator and a woman intent on making changes to the way we eat and grow food.

Whole, natural foods are best for nourishing our bodies. By re-connecting to our foods roots, we can develop better eating patterns and cultivate healthy relationships with food. Learning about where and how food is grown naturally inclines us towards sustainable food choices, as well. I want to inspire and educate my readers and clients to choose foods that nourish the body, while preserving the environment.  

A photo of a woman holding fresh, wild berries while standing in a prairie. Kasey Hutchinson, Vibrant Nutrition RD

Evidence Based

As a registered dietitian, I pride myself in producing content that is based on science. I developed a  complex understanding of the connection between human and environmental during my education at Montana State University – one of the only dietetic programs in the country that focuses on sustainable food systems. Because I use professional resources, scientific journals and cutting edge publications, my articles are a resource you can trust. 

If you ever have questions, please send me an email or comment on my blog. I am more than happy to follow up with you!